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Rya Holzman

Thank you so much for the whole experience - it really helped me have a better relationship with my body and nutrition. I’m no longer afraid to stand on a scale because I know the number does not judge my worth. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. I actually have found a real love for nutrition and fitness and plan on studying this summer to become a certified personal trainer! I’m hoping to get a masters in nutrition. My friend and I even made a “gainz” Instagram page to track our progress now! So really, thank you so much - this whole journey has been life changing."

Elaine Mills

I approached Tank for nutritional consulting because I was confused by mixed messages I received from various nutritional plans. I was coming from a background of too few calories combined with overtraining, and most workouts felt like trudging through mud, and my weight and body fat % were at a plateau.

Tank set my macros for me and explained the importance of eating to fuel my workouts, gently encouraging me to overcome my "carbophobia." She also gave me meal plan examples of how to spread the macros over a typical day. Over the next 4 months, while focusing on Tank's advice of using performance as a measurement tool rather than the scale, my physique noticeably changed and I was getting stronger in the gym while eating more food and more calories than I had been. Now, instead of a list of banned "never eat" foods, each food was simply a sum of its macros.This flexible approach to eating prevented feelings of deprivation and binging.

During this time Tank would check in with me to see how my energy levels and performance were, and make suggestions on how to re-tweak my macros as my metabolism changed. At this point I  am in the best shape of my life and I am grateful to the guidance and support that Tank offered me!

Marianne Dias

I signed up for Eat to Perform about a year ago but started getting serious with it this year.  Although I have access to many coaches through the different forums, I've relied solely on Erin to help me on my nutrition journey.  Erin has been through it and I feel so comfortable telling her what's working and what's not.  I joined wanting a plan that was flexible.  One that I didn't have to omit anything from my diet.  The ETP platform allows flexible eating within my assigned macros with tweaks here and there depending on how I"m feeling and my different goals.

Erin has also helped with my workouts and provided a 6 week program away from Crossfit where I concentrated on weight lifting. This is when my body composition changed the most.  She's very knowledgeable on the science behind the food and workouts which works for me because none of that interests me.  I don't have specific numbers on how much weight or fat I've lost or muscle I've gained as the numbers aren't my goal. But my clothes fit better and I've gotten a few compliments so I know I"m headed in the right direction.


Kelly Morris,


2nd Grade Teacher-Extraordinaire!

Weight is Not the Only Number!

For so long I have said, I just need to lose 15lbs and everything will be okay. I will get back into my old clothes and I feel happier and healthier. Well, my fitness coach Erin Tankersley taught me differently. I started with Tank last November 2016 with personal programming 3-4 days a week and a new nutrition plan. While I didn't see the numbers on the scale go down, I did start to see my body change and my overall health improve. By the next summer, I had built the confidence to take part in my first CrossFit competition and finally had the need to go shopping for some new clothes. While my weight had only changed by 5 pounds, my body composition had changed dramatically.  When I went back to work teaching last Fall, I had many coworkers ask me if I had lost weight, I proudly said "not that much" but I have gained muscle and lost fat! I am so thankful for everything Erin has taught me as well as the encouragement and support I received to keep working out and eating right. While I am not always perfect in those endeavors, I do feel as though my life has changed and I am not just relying on those numbers on the scale.

Jennifer Wray

 Let me give you a little background about me.  I just turned 50 years old and I’ve always enjoyed working out.  I’ve been involved in several different types of exercise programs over the years…Jazzercise “Good Grief!!” – Body Pump – Zumba – Cycling Classes, Kickboxing to Crossfit and Bootcamp.  I really have enjoyed every season of my exercise journey!!  However, as I’ve gotten older and been more involved in strenuous types of classes, I started having injuries here and there along the way.  So, that being said, I had been struggling with a shoulder/bicep injury since September 2016.  My right shoulder had given me problems in the past, but usually I could rest it and things would be fine.  Not the case this time!!  It started bothering me enough where I couldn’t use it without it hurting.  Definitely couldn’t workout like I wanted to.  I went to the orthopedic and he told me to just be careful and modify my workouts.  I tried this for another month but things were not getting any better so I decided to take a month off from working out to let my arm rest.  I returned to the doctor and he gave me a shot and I went through several weeks of physical therapy.  My shoulder got some better, but still had a ways to go.

I started back trying to work out, but everything had to be modified, which is okay except my shoulder wasn’t really improving and I was gaining weight!!  Definitely Not the direction I was wanting to go in.  At this point, a friend of mine told be about "Tank" and how she did more personal programming.  She has been great!!  Before I got started, Erin asked me what my goals were.  I told her I would like my shoulder to get better and to get back into a smaller size. 


Erin has been writing my programming and helping me with my nutrition.  I am thrilled to say that my shoulder is finally feeling so much better and stronger!!  Also, when we did my body assessment I had gained 2 pounds of muscle and dropped 2% body fat!!  Woohoo!!


When I first came, I was really nervous about my injury…I couldn’t even use the rower!!  Erin has been programming exercises to help strengthen my shoulder and my whole body!!  When she did convince me to use the rower, I had to have it on the lowest setting…no resistance at all!! Now I’m at a 6 on the damper setting!!  I’ve also noticed that I’m less anxious doing my own programming…I don’t get so keyed up because I’m not competing with anyone, just myself.


I can’t say enough positive things about Tank.  She's supportive and pushes you when you need pushing, but also very open about listening when you need to ask questions or have concerns.